CLICK HERE For A Message From The Principal About Student Return in March


  • The instructional day is from 8:15-1:45

  • Any In- person learners who do not attend class will be marked absent 

  • Any virtual student who does not attend class will be marked absent

  • Students who are tracked-out and at home for the week will have their attendance taken at during their scheduled classes Monday- Friday 

  • If a student does not attend their track-out classes, the student must have evidence that work has been completed for the day, and or a communication from the parent  that the student completed work. 

  • Attendance will be one of the data points that our Retention and Promotion team will consider when deciding a student’s grade placement for next year. 

  • Support

  • All teachers have required office hours each afternoon and are available for support. Your teacher will communicate this schedule to you. Please take advantage of this opportunity to meet and speak with your teacher. 

  • Fridays will be scheduled support sessions that all students should attend

  • Track-out students have 5 days of scheduled classes with a member of our support team. 

  • Students will often have to complete work independently at home, please support them by making sure they have a quiet space that they can use to complete assignments. 

  • When a test/exam/ assessment is given to a student, please be sure that they are working on that alone and not being provided answers by siblings or older family members. Assessments are what tells us where we need to adjust our instruction. 

This concludes our attendance and support overview

Thank you for your support    GO EAGLES!!